You don’t steer an Allard, you aim it | 1954 ALLARD J2X

You don’t steer an Allard, you aim it | 1954 ALLARD J2X

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This original 1954 Allard J2X was one of the last of the competition models to leave the works factory in London, England in 1953. Shortly thereafter, the company ceased to produce cars, having manufactured a total of 1908 vehicles in a variety of models (including saloons, coupes, trials, station wagons, and competition 2-seaters). Within this number, only eighty-three J2X and ninety-nine of the earlier J2 models were shipped world-wide.

This particular J2X (Ser. # 3209) has been in the present ownership for over fifty years during which time it has always been driven to and from race events, hill climbs, car shows etc. – the essence of a true shorts car.

It is original in all respects with its original 331 C.I. Cadillac engine with two 4-barrel carbs. The body is all aluminium and has a De-Dion rear suspension with in-board Alfin drum brakes (front and rear). It has the original swing axle front suspension with external shocks.

In the ‘50’s the Allards dominated the race circuits and hill climbs of North America. In the early years of competition, this Allard was driven by the very able Fred Hayes of Toronto and was a regular Trophy winner at race events and particularly hill climbs in Southern Ontario and the north-eastern States. More recently the car was one of the class winners at the Cobble Beach Concourse and was also awarded “The Spirit of Driving Award” by Margaret Dunning.

“You didn’t steer an Allard, you aimed it, with a diver’s boot on your left foot and a ballet slipper on your right.”

Owner: Alan Sands