Saved from the dump: 1953 Royal Enfield Model G

Saved from the dump: 1953 Royal Enfield Model G

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A 1953 Royal Enfield Model G motorcycle is the pride and joy of Brian Nason, of Hamilton, Canada.

He also describes it as “a labor of love/hate for a local mechanic who spent countless hours making it roadworthy.”

That’s not surprising, considering the motorcycle was headed for the dump. It was being advertised “for parts.”

As Brian tells it: “I bought this bike 1 1/2 years ago — it had not been ridden for several years and was heading to the local land fill site. A local mechanic who is a British bike specialist agreed to do the restoration (I think that it was his biggest regret in 2011).

No-nonsense design; no rear suspension either.
The Model G introduced the beloved neutral finder to Royal Enfields.

“Not being mechanically inclined, I really have no idea the extent of all the work that was done — a major rebuild. Safe to say that the list would be a lot smaller to list the things that were not done!”

“It’s a great bit of history.”

The restoration took more than a year. Brian added that he is shocked by the attention the motorcycle draws when he rides. Looking at it, however, that is easy to understand.

Owner: Brian Nason

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