Salvage Yard – 4×4 Medium Duty Desert Storm Hauler

Salvage Yard – 4×4 Medium Duty Desert Storm Hauler

In 2008 after deciding that the light duty one ton pickups sold on the market today are just not up to snuff for durability the hunt begun for a medium duty truck.  The problem was, they don’t come in 4 wheel drive.  Can’t have that…we live in Ontario.

Researching found that International was commissioned by the military to build 4×4 7400 Rock Crawlers for Desert Storm….Gotta get me one of those.

This prooved very difficult as they are still in use or blown up on the road sides. International did build some 4×4’s for commercial use but the engines were too small for this gal who likes to get there fast. After getting the word out I got a call about a very rare 7400 with a 310 sitting in a salvage shed in Tennessee.

Knoxville bound it was.

The poor truck had been in a riot and had been vandalized and left for dead, however the vandals were not very educated in trucks. One can only guess they did not know how to unlock the airbrakes so therfore could not drive it or cause any harm to the motor and drive train.

There it sat, beaten up and sad looking but virtually new with only 35,000 miles. It was coming home with me to begin its journey to being reborn. Three years later, lots of hard work and $$ spent, that left for dead work truck is a multiple award winning luxury hauler and just recently been awarded the “Best of Show” title at North Americas largest truck show.

Not to shaby for this ol’ gal wheels.