Patina To 99% Perfection: Restored 1950 Studebaker Landcruiser

Patina To 99% Perfection: Restored 1950 Studebaker Landcruiser

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This car was purchased from Desert Valley Auto in Arizona in 2000 in the conditioned as shown in the accompanying pictures. After getting the car to Collingwood every single nut and bolt was removed from the vehicle. All metal parts and pieces were dipped in acid to clean all dirt & rust from the entire vehicle. The only rust hole was at the bottom of the wheel well.

The search for missing pieces was completed and all chrome pieces were re-chromed and stainless steel was polished. The motor and all operating mechanisms were totally rebuilt. The re-assembly was completed and a new wiring harness installed. The steering wheel received a new plastic covering to duplicate the original. A reproduction of the original upholstery took five years to obtain and completed the restoration to bring this car back to its factory production condition.

I have driven the car to South Bend Indiana a few times & last year to Rhode Island to the annual Studebaker classic where it received 398 points out of 400. The judge took off 2 point due to the black paint in the engine compartment being shiny black were as it came from the factory as flat black.

The restoration was done by Bruce Burgess in Nottawa, who has since passed away.

Owner: George Christie

George is a regular at the Creemore Valley Classics. What an amazing restoration!