Remarkable Glass: ’55 T-Bird Repro

Remarkable Glass: ’55 T-Bird Repro

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The vehicle, believe it or not, is a fiberglass reproduction of a 1955 T Bird that was built in Battle Creek Michigan by the Shay Motor Company between 1980 and 1981 and was distributed through Ford dealerships in the United States. This is number 130 out of the 200 that were manufactured, and is believed to be one of only two that exist in Canada.

The car is 100% factory built, not a “kit car”. It has a 17 digit VIN number and compliance labels comparable to Ford or GM. It was built with new Ford components and came with a 12 month warranty when new. It used all new reproduction 55 T-Bird parts including trim, glass, seats, and a very well built frame with Mustang II and Fairmont parts, again all factory new.

It has a 1980 fuel-efficient 2.3 litre engine with overhead cam and DuraSpark ignition, (no points) with Ford rack and pinion steering, ball joint front suspension with tailored-to-weight coil springs and Ford front disc brakes and rear drum. The unseen frame is basically the original T-Bird low-slung X-type. The vehicle comes with a removable hard top and is equipped with air conditioning.

The car body was refinished and painted “Wimbledon White” in the spring of 2016, and all chrome is original. Due to the fibreglass body, the car is free of rust, and the port hole windows, windwings and continental kit were added as personal aesthetic features.

Owner: Don Drysdale, Owen Sound
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