Odd-ball or One Off – you decide…

Odd-ball or One Off – you decide…

Although my car is not an original Lotus Super 7 we have thoroughly enjoyed every trip as much as I enjoyed the 1200 hours it took me to build it from scratch in my garage.

I have always liked the Super 7 since seeing it in TV show called “The Prisoner” in the 60’s. There is something about the design which appeals to 3 year olds up to 93 year olds and it creates conversation and thumbs up where ever we go. It has a 1′ tube steel frame covered with steel instead of fiberglass and aluminum like the original. But it was made for driving and the extra strength and weight is appreciated on the highway.

After a few years of local trips and cruise nights I picked up an old industrial sewing machine so I could make some side curtains and a top to allow us to travel further afield. I also made a detachable trunk box to increase our luggage capacity so we could stay away even longer. We made it to the east coast a few years ago and our plan is to make it to Vancouver Island in the near future. Traveling across Ontario and Canada is great in any vehicle but enjoying the scenery in a convertible you built yourself just adds to the enjoyment and satisfaction somehow.

After nine seasons of motoring it is showing some signs of use but I’m hoping my grandsons who love riding in it will be driving it in another ten years.

Looking forward to attending the 2014 Copper Kettle Classics again this year.

Regards Vern Vowles