My Baby: 1981 Honda Twinstar

My Baby: 1981 Honda Twinstar

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Well I’ve had my little Honda Twinstar now for 23 years and its gone through many changes over the years as it is now on its 3rd fairing. The bike now sports a Roaster Vetter fairing and it houses the radio, and original cycle sound speakers, all of which i installed myself. Ii can switch from the dash speakers to the speaker in the helmet with ease! The saddlebags were painted and installed by me, as well as the custom pinstriping.

For the tank bib, I robbed some leather from my husbands old coat which he never wears! The engine’s high shine is an ongoing endeavour to keep up, but I keep doing as it is a labour of love. Yes she’s won a few awards over the years, 7 to be exact, including a 2nd place at Wasaga Beach 2015 Motorcycle Rally for Metric Cruisers

Owner: Jean Laws