CK02942016 Judging Categories

Best of the Best – chosen by our secret panel of well trained and unpaid judges. The Best of the Best shines above the rest.

Organizers Favorite – chosen by Corey Finkelstein, head organizer. He promises not to pick his VW Beetle!

Brewmasters Favorite – chosen by our local Creemore Springs Brewery Brewmaster. This car will be chosen for it’s ability to make speedy beer runs.

People’s Choice – chosen by you the participants. No you won’t win if you stuff the ballet box with 50 ballots for your car but we may still have something special for you.

Favourite Fun! Vehicle – chosen by the Toy Experts at Cardboard Castles Children’s Emporium. Special consideration will be given to cars that have a sizable trunk and room for baby seats.

Most likely to get a ticket – if your vehicle looks too fast or too radical and likely to get a ticket, it’s likely to win this new for 2016 award.

Awards Ceremony to take place at 4pm at the information booth. Please try to stick around for the awards ceremony there will be lots of great spot prizes up for grabs from our wonderful sponsors.

Our trophies are built locally by Iron Butterfly Blacksmith Inc. located in our backyard – Lisle Ontario.