A Real Time Capsule: 1970 Buik Skylark

A Real Time Capsule: 1970 Buik Skylark

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We have had classic cars for some 30 years. I sold a car a few years ago and did not replace it as I just did not know what I wanted this time around. Last July my husband and his brother were going to a local cruise night. last minute his brother could not make it, so I went along to see if I might see a car I liked. We walked around try to figure out the car for me, I had in mind a fast hot rod or street machine. As we walked up a row of cars, there it was a stock original 70 Buick Skylark. This was not what I expecting to like but I new this was the one.

My husband had known the car for some time and being a buick enthusiast actually never paid close attention to it as it was just a ‘Plain Jane’ car. That was until the day when I saw the car, with a for sale sign on it.

We chatted with the owner ad he filled us in on the car history. He was the second owner, the car had one re-paint and the seats had been refinished. The rest the car was all original. At close inspection we got a full appreciation for the car with just over 56,000 miles. Alwaysgarage kept and well oiled/rust proofed.

A few days later the car came home to us and has been an amazing ever since. Our Skylark drives like new and is a real time capsule.

Owners: Leslie and Al Corporon