A Jalopy Mash-Up: Our 1930ish Model A Pick-up

A Jalopy Mash-Up: Our 1930ish Model A Pick-up

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I am fortunate to be surrounded by great people! A friend knew I was interested and invited a few locals and myself to Gerry’s Jalopy School. There we learned a great deal from the master, made new friends and I was hooked on hot rods!

I began making the frame for my project. Liking deuce rails over the Model Eh! frame, I traced a pattern and cut ¼” plywood templates, plasma cut the front and rear horns and welded 1/8” flat to close them up. For the mid frame, I rolled 2x5x.120 tube into shape. It all came together for a good foundation to build on.

I scored an 86 S-15 pick-up rear end, manual steering box and column from another friend. Then lucked out to find a 4” drop Super Bell front axle assembly collecting dust. Out back, made a triangulated rear suspension with coilovers.

Then stumbled on a 30 Tudor in a bush that was pretty tough, but perfect as nobody else saw the treasure I did, having visions of a pick-up. I cut it in half, then traded the frame, fenders, running boards and bumpers for a 29 cab back. I was pretty tough as well, and saved the window panel only. But the rest was a good pattern. I bought a bead roller and with the help of my wife on the crank, we rolled out the lower back cab panel and corner panels. Later we made a new fire wall to continue with the 28/29 theme to match the cab back and 28/29 rad shell. Leter the bead roller paid dividends making the box, tailgate and 32 style dash.

I found a low mileage 307 and 200R4 tranny from an 86 Cutlass. A friend waterjet ss exhaust flanges and used 2” ss tubing to make the manifolds and entire exhaust from heads to the bumper.

Nothing fancy, simple, reliable and made in our garage with the help of friends. Many thanks Gerry, Barney, Dennis, Greg, Corey and Jamie.

Looking forward to seeing others at the Copper Kettle Classic.

Owner: Maury Sauder