Good ‘Ole Goldie: 1938 Plymouth Business Coupe

Good ‘Ole Goldie: 1938 Plymouth Business Coupe

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Goldie, as we fondly named her, is a 1938 Plymouth Business Coupe. She was born in Detroit, Michigan and was purchased in New York by my uncle’s aunt, who then brought her to Toronto. When she was finished driving her, she gave her to my uncle. He used Goldie (the car  was actually black at the time) around the farm as a work-horse.

I first discovered her behind a shed on my uncle’s farm when I was just 12 years old and pretended to drive her as much as possible. Many, many years later I managed to buy her from my uncle but by then Goldie was in sad shape with many parts missing, no glass in the windows and completely seized up.  Ten years from that day, I began the daunting task of carefully restoring her and 3 years later, with her new GOLD coat – she was ready for the road and many car shows to come.

We get a tonne of enjoyment from Goldie and people of all ages love to see her.  Young folks have never seen anything like her and older folks, such as myself, reminisce of days gone by. It seems funny and ironic that the young lad of 50 some years ago that brought Goldie back to previous splendour is now nearing 70 and ready to retire. He’s tired and a little broken down himself and Goldie is prettier and in better condition than she was in her 20’s. A little unfair I would say, but I’ll give it to her.

Owners: Ken & Marlane Gibson[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]